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Orange Settlement Services Ltd.
Title Excellence.  Closing Confidence.

Attorney Owned Title Agency

How We Can Help


Residential Closings

At Orange, we facilitate the smooth and lawful transfer of title to homes.  This includes examining property records to verify that the buyer will not have to deal with surprises (i.e. cloud on the title) after they purchase the home.  We also facilitate compliance with township requirements imposed on sellers such as dye tests and occupancy test.  Additionally, we coordinate the closing process, including preparing the settlement statement, facilitating the transfer of funds, and preparing, signing and recording legal documents.  We work with customers on their terms and help them navigate through the complexities of residential closings to ensure a secure and seamless closing.  


Commercial Closings

At Orange, we have deep experience in commercial real estate transactions, from the novice investor to large investors with a complex real estate portfolio.  Through our affiliated law firm, we can assist buyers or borrowers in making sure all of the entity's legal documents are in order to prepare for the legal transaction.  We also assist buyers and borrowers in ensuring that loan documents match the terms from the term sheet provided by the bank and negotiate/consult on the loan documents.  It is rarely beneficial to the buyer to use the bank's captive title agency in a commercial transaction.  


For Sale By Owner

In "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO) transactions, the seller has to navigate the complexities of real estate transactions on their own, including legal paperwork and ensuring compliance with local regulations.  We assist the seller through this process, including preparing the Agreement of Sale and required disclosures.  Although it is recommended that sellers and buyers retain separate lawyers or settlement companies. to ensure that their interests are protected, we are able to handle the entire transaction on behalf of  buyers, sellers or both.   


Orange Settlement Services Ltd Client

Trusted Representation

We recently had the pleasure of working with Orange Settlement Services Ltd.  The team at Orange made the entire process remarkably smooth and stress-free. We highly recommend Orange Settlement Services for anyone looking for a customer friendly settlement process.  

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